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Q: What should I do to control my weight? 
A: Many people find Slender Natura immensely helpful. Drink lots of water, sleep well and exercise in moderation. At the same time, if you watch what you eat and keep a healthy lifestyle, the slimming process will be much faster:
l           Do not gorge yourself at meals. Most obesity is caused by excess calory intake. Gluttony tends to expand your stomach, and this is a vicious cycle difficult to break.
l           Do not wait too long between meals. People tend to eat too much when they are extremely hungry.
l           Do not be discouraged if you went over the top once in a while. Just make it up by eating a little less the next few days.
l           Feel like indulging yourself with a snack? It's perfectly OK! Just stick to high-fiber fruits. Sherbets are fine too. Ice-cream? Well, save it for a small treat when you've achieved your slimming goal. Keyword: small.

Q: Is is necessary to moisturize during the hot humid months?
A: You would seat more as temperatures go up, and your skin will lose moisture. Also, both at home and at the workplace, airconditioning dries you up. If you neglect to moisturize, you would get oily and may even be prone to allergies. Remember to eat right-- fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, Chinese black fungus, cartilage and soya beans will enhance the skin's natural ability to lock in moisture. For skincare, try Synergy Ice Blue Tonic (SS229) and Spot Removing Energy Nectar. With the pH-balancing moisture-locking recipes such as Spot Removing Energy Fluid (SS227) and Silky White Lotion (SS217), you will refreshed and radiant all through summer.

Q: What causes colour spots?
A: Many factors may lead to the formation of colour spots, a lot of which is caused by disorders in the individual's internal secretions. If you are not suffering from a health problem, be sure to use sunscreen when outdoors. Check out our Spot Removing Energy Treatment Pack (Product code SS007), a safe and efficient way to get rid of colour spots. Watch colour spots go away in mere day!

Q: How are freckles formed?
A: The pigments that form freckles start off colourless. But when blood turns acidic, these pigments will darken and turn into freckles.

Some people have naturally active pigment-producing cells, and they are particularly prone to freckles. Besides ultra-violet rays, fatique, illness, stress and other internal disorder can all? heighten the acidity of blood.

Never go outdoors without?sunscreen and make sure to use a mild facial cleanser. Synergy offers propapbly your best choices in these categories.

Q: I have big dark circles under my eyes. What can I do about them?
A: Besides hereditary factors, lack of quality sleep and long hours in front of computer screen are some of the worst causes of rings under the eyes. Try to sleep well and take a break from the keyboard every hour or so and into the far distance.
For relief of inflammation and removal of fine lines around the eyes, try our try our ATP Miracle Eye Gel(Product code SS219) and ATP Miracle Eye Treatment (Product code SS009).

Q: How often should I scrub?
A: Scrubbing helps to remove keratose cuticles from the skin surface, enhancing metabolism and the skin's ability to absorb nutrients. But remember, scrubbing too often can damage your skin. Try our SOD Active Cleansing Gel for mild and gentle cleansing that's just right for everybody. For peeling, simply rinse and repeat for a safer process than scrubbing.

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