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About Us

From the age of 15 onwards, the condition of our skin—the largest human organ-- declines steadily. The laws of nature, everyday pressures, unbalanced dietary habits, overexposure to ultraviolet rays, radiation, as well as endocrinopathy and other internal disorders, all combine to cause premature ageing, resulting in overly oily or overly dry skin, often with the appearance of acne, unwanted colour spots, loosening and a general deterioration of skin tone.

Since 1956, top scientists at the Munich Life Science Research Institute have been engaged in research into human cells, genetic science, molecular structures, life sciences, environmental studies, bio-engineering and genetic engineering in an effort to combat the effects of ageing. The fruit of their research, recognized in the highest academic circles, has resulted in the creation of Synergy, a brand of skin-care products rooted in cutting-edge technology and catering specifically to the needs of human skin cells.

Health and beauty are but two sides of the same coin. As today’s consumers wake up to this basic fact, we are proud to present quality products that help to open new horizons in living beauty.

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