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Body Pigmentation Removal

Item Code :  SS006
Product Name :  Spot Removing Day Night Polokel Cream

Highly penetrating ingredients blended in a patented emulsification process, this cream removes unwanted colour pigments effectively with no harmful effect to skin tissue. It enhances the skin°¶s ability to regenerate itself, speeds up metabolism to bring back virginal pinkness. Suitable for use on all soft membranous tissue, eg, nipples, lips, vulva.

Tested and found safe from

  • toxic heavy metals
  • microbial contamination
  • Dexamethasone or Betamethasone

For details see SGS report Number 2028109/BS

The first product of this nature to be awarded the Document for Hygiene Permit of Imported Cosmetics (J20100609)for Special Purpose by the State Food and Drug Administration, P.R.C.

Directions for use:

Clean and apply thinly on desired area. Dab on aureola when applying to nipples. On tough skin such as elbows and knees, best results can be achieved by first removing dead skin cells using Skin Renewal Gel.

Active Ingredients:

Pure Cholesterin, Bee°¶s Wax, Avocado Oil, Olifit Oil, Peanut Oil, Cocos Oil, Lactic Acid L(+), Distilled Water, D-Tocopherol Acetat, Perfume
16 ml

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