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Lightening of Black Spots

Item Code :  SS007
Product Name :  Spot Removal Energy Treatment Pack
Safe, reliable, non-allergenic. Whitens and removes undesirable colour pigmentation and spots within 28 days.
The whitening qualities of rare herbal essences, consolidated by amino-acids and poly-carbohydrates for long-lasting effects.
Tested free from heavy metals by SGS Hong Kong. (Certificate Number 2039053/BS) For even more pronounced effects, use together with rhbFGF+.
Directions for use:
During daytime, apply Energy Cream (Day) thinly on face after cleansing and moisturizing, then apply sun-block. At night, after cleansing and moisturizing, dab Energy Cream (Night) thinly on pigmented spots. Pat lightly until absorbed. Then apply 1-2 drops of Energy Fluid (1) on colour spots. Pat lightly until absorbed, then apply Energy Cream (Day) or Synergy Timeless Repair to face. Significant whitening within days-- but remember to apply sun-block during the day, and stay out of the sun during course of treatment.
Active Ingredients:

Energy Cream (Day):
Lecithin, Grape Seed Extract, Morus Alba Extract, Vitamin E Acetate, Silicone Oil, Flower Acid, EDTA-2NA, 1,3-Butanediol, Alkyl Glycoside, Stearate, De-ionized Water
Energy Cream (Night):
Ginseng Extract, Lecithin, Ginseng Flower Extract, Amino-acids, Salvia Extract, Gromwell Extract, Vitamin C & E, GAG-Polycarbohydrates, Germall Plus, Distilled Water
Energy Fluid (1)
Ginseng Extract, Amino-acids, Floral Water, Essential Oils of Rose, Lemongrass and Peppermint
(Some sedimentation may occur. This has no adverse effect on the quality or effectiveness of the product. Simply shake well and apply.)
10 ml

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