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Allergy Treatment

Item Code :  SS218
Product Name :  ATP Day & Night Repair

Skin becomes fragile after drastic treatments or after the application of inappropriate skin-care products, resulting in allergy symptoms, rashes, surface heat and even inflammation. ATP Day & Night Repair, rich with bio-active anti-allergy AAF, gives instant relief to all allergy-induced discomfort, effecting immediate and lasting repair for damaged tissue. A true boon for those with sensitive skin.
Tested and found not to contain heavy metals, Dexamethasone or Betamethasone
For details see SGS report Number 2024872/BS

Directions for use:

For all externally caused allergies, cleanse with SOD Active Cleansing Gel, spray on Crystal Essence, then apply ATP Day & Night Repair thinly on afflicted area. Observable relief in 15 to 20 minutes. Use as day or night cream for sensitive skin.

Active Ingredients:

ATP, AAF, rhbFGF, GAG Poly-Carbohydrate
30 ml

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