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Skin Cell Re-activation

Item Code :  SS001
Product Name :  Crystal Essence

The energy inherent in crystals has been transferred and locked in this innovative product that enhances the skinˇ¦s ability to absorb nourishment and expel toxins. Research has shown that the natural vibrations inherent in crystals causes resonance in human cells, creating a natural flow of micro-electric current and helping to balance the positive and negative ions present in all human cells.
Spray, wait a few moments while Crystal Essence is being absorbed, then apply your regular skin-care preparations. You will be amazed to discover the effects magnified manifold. Guards against harmful radiation from sunlight as well as from television and computer screens. Soothes, lifts and firms, relieves inflammation and keeps oily secretions in check. Use it daily as a tonic and feel the difference. Suitable for face and all parts of body.


Directions for use:

Spray after thorough cleansing. Wait 1 - 2 minutes until absorbed. Feel your skin tighten and tingle, then apply regular skin-care preparations.
Spray before applying mask to heighten effect.
Spray on afflicted area to ease inflammation and stem bleeding (after breaking open pimples, for example).
For edema, double chins, swollen eyelids and dull and lacklustre skin, spray and pat lightly to help strengthen cells through better waste expulsion.
Spray on the side of busts and massage upwards for that firming uplift.

Active Ingredients:

Essence of Crystals, Immunity Adjustment Factor, Anti-radiation Factor, Energized Water

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