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Redness Repair

Item Code :  SS220
Product Name :  Snow Genie Redness Repair Treatment

This treatment makes use of Patchouli Extract for the rapid repair of redness caused by capillary disorders. Energized water is used in the Serum for rapid induction of the ingredients into skin cells. This treatment is designed especially for extra-arid climate conditions and is particularly suitable for thinning epidermis.
* This Product is marketed in Malaysia under the name Snow Genie Repair

Directions for use:

Cleanse desired area. Pat on Serum. When completely absorbed, apply Cream on face, neck or inflamed areas. A sure cure for thinning epidermis when used with Crystal Essence and rhbFGF+.

Active Ingredients:

Redness Repair Treatment
Patchouli Extract, Butylene Glyceryl, Energized Water
10ml x 2
*    Some sedimentation may occur under certain climatic conditions. This is normal. Simply shake and apply.

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