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Bust Enhancement & Firming

Item Code :  SBS02
Product Name :  BHB E-Up Essence

Wild yam and pollen provide amino acids that regulate the secretion of female hormones, forming the basis for fuller, firmer busts. Kigelia Africana is rich in flavonoid and steroidic saponosids, enhancing blood flow to stimulate skin tissues, and adding hyaluronic acid and collagen for that much-needed uplift for post-natal, post-menopausal women and those undergoing weight loss.

Tested and found safe from

  • residual pesticide
  • toxic heavy metals
  • microbial contamination
  • Dexamethasone or Betamethasone

For details see SGS report Number 2000374 & 2000392/BC

Directions for use:

Dab a small amount on desired area, rub gently inwards and upwards until absorbed. For best results, use together with Crystal Essence and BHB E-Balance Cream.

Active Ingredients:

Kigelia Africana, Wild Yam Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Pollen Extract

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