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Enhancing Lymphatic Drainage Via Magnetic Energy

Item Code :  SS212
Product Name :  Magnetic Rejuvenator

Magnetic Rejuvenator is a patented product for use in beauty treatments, integrating magnetic energy and rare elements to provide lifting, firming and relief of inflammation. It may also be used to soothe pain.

In modern crystal healing theory, magnetite is closely related to the structure of human bones, and by creating resonance, it helps to energize the human body. The magnetic head in Magnetic Rejuvenator is composed of a rare earth rich in trace elements, and has been permanently magnetized to emit a magnetic field similar to the earth's, and which is easily received by the human body. It gives the body trace elements that are vital to health, such as sodium, potassium, manganese, calcium, copper, iron and molybdenum, galvanizing and balancing internal circulations in the process.

Through magnetic energy, Magnetic Rejuvenator recharges skin cells, and by enhancing inter-cellular tension, makes them more compact and robust, resulting in firmer skin. Magnetic Rejuvenator also relieves menstrual pains and opens up acupressure points to facilitate lymphatic drainage. Because this improves the bodys ability to expel waste, it is an ideal instrument for lifting and firming treatments, eye and breast treatments, and slimming treatments.

Directions for use:
Clean desired body part before application. Press the sphere lightly, using the middle and ring fingers, to activate. Roll slowly around desired area, close to the skin or lightly touching.
Magnetic Rejuvenator may be used on all body parts. Contact is not required, as the magnetic energy will take effect about 5mm away from the skin, even when Magnetic Rejuvenator is not activated. When activated, the magnetic energy is tripled, and this is not recommended for eye treatments, as the strong energy field might affect the lens of the eye.
Do not use on any one fixed point for more than 4 minutes. Avoid body parts with metal implants (false teeth, pacemaker, etc) or shorten time of application. Do not use on skin with wounds, inflammation or allergies.
Active Ingredients:
Permanently magnetized rare earth
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